The Immense Power Hidden in a Lucky Charm

Jan 23, 14 The Immense Power Hidden in a Lucky Charm

photoGemstones jewelry is often used by students, athletes and gamblers to bring best of luck. Others may use lucky rabbit’s foot or even laminated four- leaf clover since they’re regarded to be lucky charms carried in purses and pockets anywhere. Another alternative way to ensure your lucky charm is with you all the time is to have it stringed onto a necklace so that you can always adorn it on your neck.

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Positive Impacts of Gemstones Jewellery

Jun 19, 13 Positive Impacts of Gemstones Jewellery

Gemstones Jewellery basically complements an outfit. If you are wearing a plain dress for instance, adding a pair of gemstone necklace and gemstone earring to gather with a bracelet would positively enhance your look. This is because gemstone Jewellery adds flavor and color to your outfit. Whether its green tiger’s eye or red agate, there’s no doubt that they will stand out. Your dress should no longer be plain since the colorful gemstones would enrich it. Handmade Jewellery is much more unique in comparison to mass produced Jewellery which thousands of people can have.

Hand stone Jewellery is really one of a kind. Just imagine no one else would have similar Jewellery as you. What a collector’s product would it be? Furthermore, genuine gemstones don’t tarnish or fade. Durability and quality of gemstone Jewellery would last for thousand years. This would be the kind of Jewellery that you would pass to your children and future generations to come.
They add uniqueness and quality to your Jewellery collection. From Smokey quartz to amethyst, you should not struggle to get a color and design to match your outfit. Every gemstone is placed carefully by hand in order to create a unique appearance. Not only it would make such a beautiful physical impact, it can as well have a positive impact and well being on your life. For instance, take amethyst, it is said to relieve headaches, tensions as well as overcoming the fear of addiction,
What about agate? Agate by nature is creatively stripped, and come out in a wide range of colors. Color red symbolizes wealth and happiness. Red agate is said to be effective in energizing the body system. It can as well be used for assisting wit the effectiveness f body functions and helps in skin damage which is caused by burns or scalds.
Tiger eye, is the inner part o gemstone, is very important in grounding a person as well a helping in deflecting negative energies. It has also been reputed in repairing broken bones, aids in treating the eye and healing of the throat. Also, it believed to alleviate pain as well as relieving congestion in the human digestive system.

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Green Jade

May 17, 13 Green Jade

Jade green stone is one of the varieties of jadeite and is the most highly prized of the varieties. Jadeite is one of the two jades and is the most popularly is used for ornaments. Traditionally, the green jade was also known as the kingfisher and in China it was considered one of the finest stone used for furnishing household items and furniture for the rich. Jade was also used in making expensive ornaments that were valued as much as gold and diamonds by the then westerners.
The different varieties of jadeite are believed to have healing properties of the body, soul and mind and are therefore known as the healing stones used in many cultures. Each color has its own mystery and with the green jade being the most common of them all, it is believed to represent life. Wearing it gives one a calm nervous system and helps to find one’s true heart desires. It is also the stone of love as the wearer is able to freely express their love to the desired person in their lives.

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Meaning and benefits of 6 Gemstones

Apr 17, 13 Meaning and benefits of 6 Gemstones

Gemstones have been a traditional part of jewelry since the early ages. Many people believe that these precious stones have a meaning and significance behind each of them. There are thousands of different gemstones available today that are of different shapes sizes and colors. Two main types are the precious and semi-precious kind. Some of these stones have played a major role in the history of humanity.

Gemstones have contributed value and symbols to many different cultures, myths and legends over the years. Philosophers believe that these precious stones have a high value and unique power in each one. It could signify many different meanings, like power, health, wealth, and even beauty. Most of them are placed in hidden areas of the body or just put into ones wallet or pocket.

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Rare Jewels Gems Sapphires Opals Gold Anakie, Rubyvale, Qld

Mar 29, 13 Rare Jewels Gems Sapphires Opals Gold Anakie, Rubyvale, Qld

Watch this video to see some of the most beautiful gemstones.

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Mar 09, 12 Amethyst

People love their gemstones. Whether they stick with their birth gemstone color, or they have a special favorite, Amethyst is definitely up there.

Amethyst is often categorized as a type of quartz mineral and gets its name from a-methustos, a word from the Greek origin, which means “not intoxicated”. The history of this stone has come from ancient Greek mythology. Amethysts are found in huge amounts on the Earth’s surface. They are a beautiful gemstone that can range from a deep dark purple to a lighter violet or a almost pink shade. Often worn in fashion jewelry or even more dainty jewelry pieces, they sure look beautiful. Amethysts are even the most preferred gemstones due to their beautiful hues. Thankfully, there is a large supply of them which can make the costs more affordable.

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